Post Award Services

Once you win your GSA Schedule Contract you are required to use the Schedule Input Program (SIP) to put your products up on GSA Advantage!. GSA Advantage! is GSA’s online catalog of products and services available from GSA Schedule Contractors. GSA Advantage! is the of GSA.







You are required to keep your GSA Advantage!  information current and up to date.

Sending large document files via e-mail is slow and risky. Our clients use secure, Web-based file transfers, speeding the file transfer process and making it safer.

All of these services are even more reasons why your company should enlist our services today.

 We can help you upload your catalog ($100) or we can do it for you ($300).

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GSA Schedule compliance is paramount to the long term success of your contract. We can provide GSA Schedule Post Award Services to support your Post Award needs in all areas that are required to maintain GSA Schedule compliance to include: Basis of Award Monitoring Systems, IFF Sales Tracking Integration SIP uploads, EMOD and catalog maintenance, Mass Mod flow downs, Labor Category Mapping Templates, and much more.

From time to time you will need to update your contract.  Any time you add products or services; delete products or services; raise or lower your prices; or change points of contact, you will need to modify your GSA Schedule Contract.  We have the expertise to help you create that modification and to take the guess work out of the process. We will recommend changes based on our review and review the proposal after you have made any changes.