Proposal Services


(Here’s a summary of what you get:)
  • New GSA proposals: starting at $3,500, complete, no additional or hidden charges.
  • Accurate, error-free proposals.
  • Friendly, patient, personalized service.
  • Unlimited telephone time.
  • Unlimited e-mails.
  • Unlimited questions.
  • No hour time limit


                                                            GETTING STARTED

Your company should meet these minimum qualifications:

    Has your company been in business for at least one year for physical product sales or two years for professional services (e.g., MOBIS, PES, LOGWORLD, environmental, FABS, TAPS and others)? 

    Do you have at least three completed projects, within the past two years? 

    Have you had significant sales of your products or services within the past two years? 

    Do you have at least six references? This could be one person at six different companies, two people at three companies or some other combination. Six are the minimum; ten are preferable. 

    Do you use a professional accounting system, use a CPA or use software such as QuickBooks to manage your company’s finances?

If you believe that your company can qualify for a GSA schedule, please take a moment to request by email our Preliminary Proposal Questionnaire.

We are your partner throughout all phases of the proposal process, reviewing the work along the way, and then helping you create marketing strategies for your formal schedule roll-out.

Preparation and submission of your proposal are the most time-consuming parts of the process. We match your company’s goals to the proposal you need and ensure that your proposal is complete, timely, accurate and properly formatted.

We work closely with your team to develop an effective proposal that includes the appropriate level of description for each of your company’s goods and services that you wish to sell to the federal government. Once we have completed your proposal and have received complete approval from your management team, we submit your proposal to GSA.


How Our Service Is More Company-Friendly: Unlimited Time



GSA proposal services that offer wizards limit your contact time to purchased time blocks at expensive rates. Our service offers unlimited time, so you can have a winning GSA proposal that will lead new business to your door.

We satisfy all of GSA’s many requirements, including:



  • document structuring
  • completing all required forms
  • collecting certifications

Our service includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • DUNS, SAM, WOSB and SBA registration assistance.
  • Selection of the most appropriate GSA RFP(s).
  • Guidance with creation of the Open Ratings past performance client request.
  • Examination of NAICS and SIN codes to select those most appropriate to your business.
  • Supporting documentation collection and preparation.
  • Detailed wording for each section of the proposal.
  • Precise delivery on English grammar, spelling, syntax use. 
  • Proposal submission.
  • Post-negotiation finalization.