Proposal Preparation


New GSA Proposals Revisions and Reviews Guidance and Seminars
aWe are your partner throughout all phases of the proposal process, reviewing the work along the way, and then helping you create marketing strategies for your formal schedule roll-out.

Preparation and submission of your proposal are the most time-consuming parts of the process. We match your company’s goals to the proposal you need and ensure that your proposal is complete, timely, accurate and properly formatted.

We work closely with your team to develop an effective proposal that includes the appropriate level of description for each of your company’s goods and services that you wish to sell to the federal government. Once we have completed your proposal and have received complete approval from your management team, we submit your proposal to GSA. We offer unlimited professional, friendly assistance with the complete process to make the best value available.

Mistakes in proposals cause delays to your award. They are also frustrating and can be avoided. If you have completed a GSA proposal, you need an experienced set of eyes to ensure that your document set is completely free of such mistakes as incorrect selections on forms, missing or inconsistent information, spelling and grammar problems and a host of other ills that can delay your award for months. We:

  • Read your current contract.
  • Read your proposed changes.
  • Ensure that all the documentation meets the needs of GSA’s contract modification requirements.
  • Make sure that all spelling, grammar, word use and thought flow are flawless.
  • Develop a modification proposal that is error-free.
  • Work with you when the GSA responds to your proposal.
aOnce you have your GSA contract, you will respond to requests for proposal (RFPs). Because you will compete with other companies for that contract, your company’s proposal must be fully responsive to the entire RFP. We examine the RFP in great detail, defining exactly what the customer is seeking. We then work with your company to bring together all factors required by the RFP, factors that include administrative, technical and price information.

We also offer a GSA Proposal Completion Workshop, a comprehensive course that leads to the completion of a proposal to the GSA along with the guarantee of your GSA contract award. Attendees receive focused assistance in a professional learning and proposal preparation environment.

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